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Four great perks of a career in B2B events

Events are great for providing an overview of an industry and boosting people’s careers – but what if the career you’re looking for just happens to be in events itself?

Well … you’ve made a good choice. Working for the events department of a company like Key Media can be one of the most fulfilling and exciting career choices around. Why? We’ve put together four big reasons (and believe us when we say there are many more too) …

  1. Travel

Do you get restless easily? Looking to spread your wings every now and then (or maybe hop on a plane and use those wings instead … which is probably safer)? A gig in events is the perfect way to ensure that you’ll be seeing a lot more than the same office walls day after day – whether you’re travelling to go on-site at the events themselves or travelling for general work reasons, you won’t be in one place long.

  1. Teamwork

All the best jobs involve working with a dedicated and constructive team – and the world of events has this in abundance! Working as an event planner is a constant process of collaboration with interesting and talented people – whether they’re the colleagues who are helping you put the event together or the delegates/speakers you’re dealing with, you’ll get the chance to work with some of the best industry leaders.

  1. Variety and unique experiences

No two events are ever quite the same – and they’ll often be packed with unique encounters and experiences. The best news? As someone who works in events, you’ll be squarely in the middle of all the excitement. Maybe you’ll meet an industry hero … or encounter a new industry development before anyone else … or countless other possibilities …

  1. Connections and contacts

You’re going to be reaching out to lots of people – and, if you’re good at what you do, they’re all going to remember who you are. Events planning is like making a daily investment in the future of your career: all the great people you deal with will be thrilled at the chance to work with you again and again – and those great people all have great books full of great contacts, which is … er … great.