Tech Talk 2: Identity fraud and verification: Identifying and mitigating risks

Sep 15, 2022

9:40 am

More than ever, our digital identities are our gateway to the world.  From the comfort of our desks and couches they allow us to work, play, connect and transact.  But this superpower is not without its kryptonite.  Fraud, cybercrime and imposture threaten our individual security and the security of our organisations. This session will explore concerns such as: 

  • Current challenges with identity theft and fraud 
  • Identity verification – why regulators and law enforcement are paying attention 
  • Electronic identity verification – biometrics and identifiers, current and future technology 
  • Complicating factors – the clash between privacy and disclosure 
  • Making sense of it all – what will the future look like? 
  • Jim Heeney

    Vice President, Head of Australia and New Zealand

    First Advantage

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