Alex Gelman

Partner, Strategy Assist

Alex Gelman is a serial entrepreneur and corporate technology adviser with a passion for social impact.  He inter-twines technology advisory with innovation, governance and organisational change to achieve business outcomes.

In his role as Strategic Technology Advisor at Strategy Assist, Alex advises corporate and social impact enterprises on technology strategy, technology architecture, digital transformation and practical innovation. He operates at a senior level, advising numerous clients in the Health and Ageing, Professional Services, Property, Not for Profit and Government sectors.

Alex has assisted numerous clients strategically define their HCM requirements and select the right systems, then proceeding to oversee the implementation to achieve agreed outcomes.  

Alex is regularly called upon to speak on business technology, innovation, and emerging technologies. Using insights from his work, he published Great Choice!, a self-help guide for organisations to strategically purchase technology. In supplementing his corporate and government clientele, Alex enjoys helping Social Impact organisations optimise their business to do more good.

Alex also engages with boards either as a Non-Executive Director or through advisory boards.