Jennie Rogerson

Global Head of People, Canva

Jennie Rogerson is Global Head of People at Canva, a free online visual communication and collaboration platform with a mission to empower the whole world to design. Jennie leads a team of 300 people who come together to dream up and create Canva’s unique team experience, from recruitment to alumni and everything in between, for 2,800 Canvanauts around the world. Prior to this, Jennie joined Canva in 2019 as the first person in Leadership Operations for Co-founders, and CEO and COO: Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht. Similar to a Chief of Staff role, Jennie wore many 
hats from strategic partner, cat herder, and dot connector, to the driver of many fun and interesting initiatives including Canva’s Future of Work post-COVID approach, Celebration of Diversity strategy, and the Co-founders’ pledge to give a 30% stake of Canva to the Canva Foundation.