Tech Talks Agenda 2022


9:10 am

Welcome and opening remarks from the chairperson 

Fiona McLean

Founder and Executive, The Social Index

9:20 am

Tech Talk 1: Bridging the talent gap through tech

As local skills shortages impact several labour markets, companies must take a more creative and innovative approach to solve the talent gap. Thanks to technological advancements, international recruiting can be done quickly and compliantly — and with the continued adoption of remote work, global hiring is proving to be a sustainable means of attaining qualified talent. But how exactly can employers leverage tech to stand out in the competitive talent market and overcome the difficulties of hiring in unfamiliar jurisdictions? In this session, Ali will discuss:

  • How to leverage technology to drive global growth 
  • How to hire remote talent quickly and compliantly
  • How to bypass common global growth hurdles and challenges 

Globalization Partners
Ali Matar

Sales Executive, Globalization Partners

9:40 am

Tech Talk 2: Identity fraud and verification: Identifying and mitigating risks

More than ever, our digital identities are our gateway to the world.  From the comfort of our desks and couches they allow us to work, play, connect and transact.  But this superpower is not without its kryptonite.  Fraud, cybercrime and imposture threaten our individual security and the security of our organisations. This session will explore concerns such as: 

  • Current challenges with identity theft and fraud 
  • Identity verification – why regulators and law enforcement are paying attention 
  • Electronic identity verification – biometrics and identifiers, current and future technology 
  • Complicating factors – the clash between privacy and disclosure 
  • Making sense of it all – what will the future look like? 

Jim Heeney

Vice President, Head of Australia and New Zealand, First Advantage

10:00 am

Tech Talk 3: Recession-proof your workforce with a Zero Wasted Potential people strategy

There are growing fears the world is teetering on the brink of a recession, with rising inflation levels and increasing interest rates painting a concerning picture. How can business leaders and executives optimise their workforce as a response, and protect their people and reduce loss in times of uncertainty? You need a Zero Wasted Potential people strategy.  

 Join this session to learn:  

  • How to recession-proof your workforce through workforce optimisation  
  • How to overcome common challenges and barriers you could be facing when optimising your workforce 
  • How to embrace data & technology to optimise your workforce at scale
Phil James

Head of Partnership APAC, Reejig

10:20 am

Tech Talk 4: Tech & data: How to unleash better decision-making

While every organisation's HR function provides a wealth of metrics and data, how many are using that insight to its full potential? Taking data-led decisions is an important skill for every HR professional, especially at a time when budgets are tight. In this talk, we'll explore:  

  • Key HR metrics every organisation should know  
  • The role of technology in capturing and tracking HR data  
  • How to use data to build compelling business cases 

Jason Portelli

Partnerships Growth Manager, ELMO Software

11:10 am

Tech Talk 5: Driving culture and engagement with HiBob

Building a company culture that truly creates a sense of belonging and a positive employee experience has never been more important. Designed to be a central system for all your people—from the C-suite to direct contributors and managers—Bob’s beautiful interface makes every task your people complete feel like using their favorite social network, leading to wider adoption, engagement, and productivity (#success).  

In this session, we'll dive into key features of the platform that will help you:  

  • Make onboarding simpler (and more exciting) than ever
  • Create a culture of belonging
  • Keep global teams connected
  • Manage all employee documents in one place
  • Track results and connect the dots when it comes to making the right people decisions

Alex Shkolnik

Account Executive, HiBob

11:30 am

Tech Talk 6: Tech for a flexible future

There’s two things we know for sure about the future of work: it will be powered by smart tech and it will be flexible. However, for remote and hybrid working models to succeed long-term, employers will need to find digital solutions to support communication, management and company culture. In this session, James will be reflecting on the trends and tools that can help businesses embrace a new world of work based on the findings of a brand new survey of over 1,000 Australian employees.  

  • Explore how the combination of innovative tech and flexible working models can boost employee wellbeing 
  • Create better equity and culture within businesses 
  • Increase recruitment talent pools

James Keene

Head of Sales, Employment Hero

11:50 am

Tech Talk 7: How Beamible optimises your human capital in a constrained resource environment

With the clash of global talent and capital shortages, businesses like yours are facing a growing number of productivity, revenue and burnout challenges. So how can your company do more (good) with less? Join founders Stephanie Reuss and Victoria Stuart to learn how Beamible, a work design platform trusted by progressive organisations like Google, Datacom and Redbubble, can help you: 

  • Give visibility into what work is being done to quickly and easily identify inefficiencies 
  • Organise work, people and cost data into insights and design solutions
  • Give your organisation the ability to flex, adapt and respond in a world of uncertainty 

Also hear a live case study from Meahan Callaghan, Chief People & Culture Officer, on how she is using Beamible to propel the flywheel of growth at Redbubble. 

Meahan Callaghan

Chief People Officer, Redbubble

Stephanie Reuss

Co-CEO & Commercial Growth Lead, Beamible

Victoria Stuart 

Co-CEO & Product Lead, Beamible

12:10 pm

Tech Talk 8: HR tech’s role in organisational resilience and agility

Ceridian’s 2022 Executive Survey of 2,000 global leaders shows today’s execs are very or extremely confident in their organisation’s ability to handle a variety of disruptions quickly.  But our findings also show that organisations need to do more to build the change-ready culture, resilient leadership, and agile systems needed to be prepared for any disruption. In this session, we'll explore:

  • The state of change readiness in organisations today
  • Three key areas to focus on in building organisational resilience
  • How Dayforce can help prepare your organisation for disruption

Courtney Coates

Solutions Consultant, Ceridian

Katie Arthur

Value Advisor, Ceridian

12:30 pm
1:40 pm

Tech Talk 9: HR’s role in the new world of work

Join us to see the results of a comprehensive research project into the changing role of HR. In-depth interviews conducted with C-suite and senior HR leaders from Australia, the UK and US highlight the challenges HR is currently facing, and what they expect to face in the future. This session will examine HR tech’s current role, and how it can equip HR teams for future success. Find out what’s next for HR:   

  • New ways of working: re-imagineering our hybrid work future   
  • Business transformation, culture and experiences: creating truly people-focused companies   
  • Competing successfully for talent: building an irresistible organisation   
  • Four key steps to get ahead  
  • HR tech as an enabler   

Simon Holmberg

Leader, People Division, Sage

2:00 pm

Tech Talk 10: Streamline HR Tech adoption with interactive guidance

Now more than ever, HR is expected to play a critical role in reshaping and setting up their organisations for success in the long term. For any organisation to be future-ready, it's important that employees accept and adapt to technologies effectively. In this session, Sripathi (Sri) will be talking about how HR leaders, practitioners, and technologists can deliver seamless digital experiences to improve employee engagement and productivity in the rapidly evolving workplace and make their workforce future-ready. 

  • How digital transformation has changed the way employees experience their workplace 
  • Why it is important to unify digital experience from onboarding throughout the employee’s journey 
  • What is a Digital Adoption Platform and how it can help enable the above 

Sripathi Chakkravarthi

Regional Director for APAC, Whatfix

2:20 pm

Tech Talk 11: Attracting and retaining talent in the new normal: How to stay competitive in the hybrid workplace

The last few years has changed the way employees view their workplace, their values and the meaning they want from their job. With the attitude shift, alongside a skill shortage across many sectors, staying competitive in the methods of how you attract and retain talent is more important than ever.
Learn how you can stay competitive in attracting talent in the new hybrid workplace. In this talk we’ll explore:

  • What’s shifted in the workplace and how can we adapt to it?
  • How to stay competitive in your hiring practises
  • The importance of being flexible and ‘effortless’
  • How technology can streamline your recruitment and onboarding processes

Mel Crainic

Co-Founder of Ready Employ by Phoenix, ReadyTech

Patrick Young

Senior Business Development Manager, ReadyTech

2:40 pm

Tech Talk 12: How to select great HCM technology

There are so many HCM systems out there, some offer wholistic functionality, while others rely on integration with payroll, ATS and other systems. So how does one make the right technology choice and more importantly set up the project for a successful outcome? Alex will present his ideas and processes for making great technology choices and setting up the project for success.  

  • Why selecting new HCM systems is difficult 
  • Governance structure and processes for making great technology choices 
  • Ingredients for HCM project success 
Alex Gelman

Partner, Strategy Assist

3:35 pm

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3:40 pm

Tech Talk 13: How to create high-performing individuals

We want to be fully engaged, confident and enjoy our work, yet HR directors are having to work harder than ever to create performance. Jess will discuss the Certified High-Performance Coaching (CHPC) program that is based on positive psychology and behavioural economics, proven to create high-performing individuals and teams. Hear stories about how the world’s #1 performance program has a 97.3% satisfaction rate and makes achieving business results easier. In this session, we’ll travel the roadmap of 6 High-Performance (HP) Habits that will show you:

  • The two elements of HP essential to a thriving tech culture
  • Why the “personal” HP habits is essential in tech innovation
  • How the “social” HP habits make us better able to manage tech transformation
  • What Psychology Mastery can do for a burned-out leader
  • What your three Clarity character traits are
Jess Dahlberg

Founder, Jess Dahlberg Coaching

4:00 pm

Tech Talk 14: Strategies for a successful HR tech implementation

Whatever the HR tech initiative, success or failure will largely be determined by the implementation process. Get it right, and all is well; get it wrong, and you could be in a world of financial and reputational pain. Planning a successful HR tech implementation begins before you select the tech solution. In this session, we will look at some of the keys to a successful HR tech implementation:

  • Defining the WHY and WHAT of the initiative
  • Identifying and informing key stakeholders 
  • Honestly determining the resources required for implementation
  • Objectively selecting the implementation team – who’s right, not who’s available
  • Determining and communicating time line
George Akle

Founder and CEO, GOVERNHR™

4:30 pm

Tech Den Competition

At the HR Tech Summit, five finalist start-ups will have three minutes to pitch and explain their solutions to a panel of judges and investors.  

The winner will receive an Interactive Digital Content (IDC) campaign valued at $10,000 in HRD Australia online.

Entry is open to all individuals and new companies in Australia with HR tech solutions less than three years old. Submit your nomination now!  

 The Tech Den will showcase companies that:  

  • Automate processes for HR professionals 
  • Improve efficiencies for HR  
  • Helps companies to recruit and manage their people 

Click here for further details.

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