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Four great perks of a career in B2B publishing

What will your career journey be? Whatever level you’re at – just starting out or looking for a new direction or challenge – there are few areas as exciting and fulfilling as leaping into the world of B2B publishing for a company like Key Media.

We’re always looking to attract new talent – keep an eye on our job listings for the latest opportunities. You could find yourself enjoying career perks like these:


  1. Variety matters

Whether you find yourself working in the marketing or editorial department at a B2B publisher, you’ll find that there’s always a huge amount of different experiences to be had and outlets to contribute to – particularly in marketing, where the B2B sector offers far more of a generalised talent-spread (content, social media, design, strategy) than other marketing careers.

Looking for the chance to take on something new every day? B2B publishing is the route for you.

  1. See your results – quickly

B2B publishing is often very target-driven – which means that the effects of your good work are very quickly measured, recognised and (best of all) rewarded. If you’re a person with bundles of drive and ambition – and as you’re reading this, we guess that’s the case – then there are few industries where that matters more than B2B publishing.

  1. Progress and power

B2B publishing is often very specialised – which means that you’re very often a big fish in a small pond. This means that there’s far less risk of being ‘lost in the machine’, so to speak – and far more chances for you to make your mark, exert your influence and impress the people you need to impress!

If you’re putting in the great work, the promotional ladder in the world of B2B publishing doesn’t stop extending.

  1. Become a trend leader

We mentioned being a ‘big fish in a small pond’ in that last point – and it’s doubly as important when it comes to this point. As a journalist or marketer focusing on a niche B2B area, you’re a huge part of that area’s overall culture – meaning that the reportage or opinions you put together or the aesthetics of the marketing you create can have a huge and lasting impact.

Want to change the way an entire sector of an industry thinks? It sounds like it could be impossible – but not in the world of B2B publishing.