Tech Talk 13: How to create high-performing individuals

Sep 15, 2022

3:40 pm

We want to be fully engaged, confident and enjoy our work, yet HR directors are having to work harder than ever to create performance. Jess will discuss the Certified High-Performance Coaching (CHPC) program that is based on positive psychology and behavioural economics, proven to create high-performing individuals and teams. Hear stories about how the world’s #1 performance program has a 97.3% satisfaction rate and makes achieving business results easier. In this session, we’ll travel the roadmap of 6 High-Performance (HP) Habits that will show you:

  • The two elements of HP essential to a thriving tech culture
  • Why the “personal” HP habits is essential in tech innovation
  • How the “social” HP habits make us better able to manage tech transformation
  • What Psychology Mastery can do for a burned-out leader
  • What your three Clarity character traits are
  • Jess Dahlberg


    Jess Dahlberg Coaching

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