Main Conference Agenda 2022


8:50 am

Opening remarks from the chairperson

Leigh Martin

Founder | People & Strategy Chief | Product Manager & Owner, Hivelife

9:00 am

Disruptive technologies for a future-ready HR

From hybrid teams, competitive talent markets and evolving business strategies, the workplace continues to experience unprecedented changes. How are HR teams strategically leveraging technology to transform the employee experience and support business objectives? This session will examine how the latest technologies can elevate the HR function to address pressing workforce challenges. 

  • Using technology networks to improve discoverability, self-service and real-time productivity
  • Leveraging AI: robotics, chatbots and virtual assistants that support HR processes
  • Creating a Digital Headquarters to improve employee productivity
  • New models for management and leadership in hybrid workplaces
Derek Laney

Technology Evangelist, Slack

9:40 am

PANEL: Innovative onboarding strategies for a hybrid workplace

Creating an engaging and inclusive employee experience starts during onboarding, whether remotely or in the office, but how can you balance the human connection while leveraging technology? In this session, hear how Australia’s top companies are innovating and simplifying their onboarding experience to support new employees and create a cohesive culture.  

  • Examples of improving the virtual and in-person onboarding experience to adapt to the hybrid workplace 
  • Developing digital onboarding workflows that encourage collaboration and engagement within teams 
  • Integrating emerging tech in onboarding such as gamification, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)  


Leigh Martin

Founder | People & Strategy Chief | Product Manager & Owner, Hivelife


Laura Chuck

Head of HR, TikTok

Conor Donoghue

Director, Talent Acquisition, Zip Co

Jennie Rogerson

Global Head of People, Canva

11:10 am

CASE STUDY: Leveraging data-driven insights to support decision-making

From employee engagement to performance, to retention and productivity, HR leaders can gain vital insight on employee trends through the use of people data and analytics. In this session, Adam will highlight the growing importance of data in future-ready HR organisations. Practical examples will be provided of how data and analytics have been used in HR settings to drive greater employee centricity in decision making.

  • Employing external data to drive internal decision making
  • Building business cases through data and analytics
  • Measuring impact and establishing ROI of HR initiatives
Adam McKinnon

People Data and Analytics Lead, Reece Group

11:50 am

CASE STUDY: Creating immersive learning experiences

Learning and development is essential to increase workforce capability and retain employees. With a dispersed and remote workforce, companies are turning to alternative learning methods to replicate the classroom, as well as to elevate the personalised learning experience. In this session, Cosimina will discuss how they are transforming the learning experience to adapt to the changing workforce and effectively build workforce capability in the virtual age. 

  • Creating an immersive classroom through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) 
  •  Developing personalised learning experiences using learning experience platforms (LXP) 
  • Understanding the benefits and effectiveness of programs delivered through online learning and in-person classes  
Cosimina Nesci

Senior Learning & Development Partner, Allianz

12:30 pm
1:40 pm

PANEL: Improving connectivity and engagement to retain employees

Creating and sustaining employee engagement is essential to retain employees in this competitive job environment. How can companies leverage technology to create a culture of belonging, engagement, and community both online and in-person? In this session, HR leaders will discuss proven strategies on effectively communicating and engaging with their diverse teams. 

  • Leading hybrid teams virtually – key lessons learned through managing a remote workforce 
  • Examples of tools and apps to improve internal communication, productivity and recognition 
  • Innovative ways to create a sense of belonging and cohesive culture online 


Leigh Martin

Founder | People & Strategy Chief | Product Manager & Owner, Hivelife


Rich Atkinson

Head of People, WiseTech Global

Lauren Denny

Director of Talent, Global, Koala

Louise Hope

Chief People Experience Officer, GrowthOps

Anna Tregurtha

Employee Experience Manager, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

2:30 pm

CASE STUDY: Enhancing wellbeing programs with tech and innovation

Reshaping workplace culture to prioritise mental health continues to be at the top of every organisation’s agenda, however delivering a successful wellbeing strategy can be challenging, especially on a budget. In this session, Shruti will discuss how they are optimising current tools and initiatives to better understand and support workplace wellbeing and investing in wellness tech for greater accessibility and engagement. 

  • Effective wellness apps that have supported hybrid employees to manage their mental health
  • Taking an end-to-end view on wellbeing – with a specific focus on play, purpose and productivity
  • Balancing the human connection with tech-driven initiatives 
  • Examples of productivity tools to support flexibility, workloads and connectivity
Shruti Ganeriwala

HR Director - Foods & Refreshments / Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Unilever Australia & New Zealand

3:35 pm

Grand Prize and Sponsor Prize draws

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3:40 pm

PANEL: Upskilling and reskilling HR to drive digital transformation

Skill development is imperative to successfully manage disruption and drive HR transformation in today’s digital-driven environment. From data analytics to artificial intelligence, this session will examine the changing capabilities required by HR teams to adapt and integrate technology into HR strategy and create greater business value. 

  • The workforce of the future – how are we redesigning HR roles to adapt to HR transformation strategies? 
  • The changing role of the CHRO – what are the digital skills that HR leaders need to drive transformation from the top-down?  
  • Overcoming challenges in sourcing skilled professionals in a competitive market 


Leigh Martin

Founder | People & Strategy Chief | Product Manager & Owner, Hivelife


Jade Dellios

Director - Digital Transformation, PwC

David Lahood

Executive Manager, Digital Services, IAG

Cosimina Nesci

Senior Learning & Development Partner, Allianz

Lisa Thompson

Human Resources Director Australia, Fiserv

4:30 pm

Tech Den Pitch Competition

At the HR Tech Summit, five finalist start-ups will have three minutes to pitch and explain their solutions to a panel of judges and investors.  

The winner will receive an Interactive Digital Content (IDC) campaign valued at $10,000 in HRD Australia online.

Entry is open to all individuals and new companies in Australia with HR tech solutions less than three years old. Submit your nomination now!  

 The Tech Den will showcase companies that:  

  • Automate processes for HR professionals 
  • Improve efficiencies for HR  
  • Helps companies to recruit and manage their people 

Click here for further details.

5:00 pm
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