Tech Talk 7: How Beamible optimises your human capital in a constrained resource environment

Sep 15, 2022

11:50 am

With the clash of global talent and capital shortages, businesses like yours are facing a growing number of productivity, revenue and burnout challenges. So how can your company do more (good) with less? Join founders Stephanie Reuss and Victoria Stuart to learn how Beamible, a work design platform trusted by progressive organisations like Google, Datacom and Redbubble, can help you: 

  • Give visibility into what work is being done to quickly and easily identify inefficiencies 
  • Organise work, people and cost data into insights and design solutions
  • Give your organisation the ability to flex, adapt and respond in a world of uncertainty 

Also hear a live case study from Meahan Callaghan, Chief People & Culture Officer, on how she is using Beamible to propel the flywheel of growth at Redbubble. 

  • Meahan Callaghan

    Chief People Officer


  • Stephanie Reuss

    Co-CEO & Commercial Growth Lead


  • Victoria Stuart 

    Co-CEO & Product Lead


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