PANEL: Innovative onboarding strategies for a hybrid workplace

9:40 am

Creating an engaging and inclusive employee experience starts during onboarding, whether remotely or in the office, but how can you balance the human connection while leveraging technology? In this session, hear how Australia’s top companies are innovating and simplifying their onboarding experience to support new employees and create a cohesive culture.  

  • Examples of improving the virtual and in-person onboarding experience to adapt to the hybrid workplace 
  • Developing digital onboarding workflows that encourage collaboration and engagement within teams 
  • Integrating emerging tech in onboarding such as gamification, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)  
  • Leigh Martin

    Founder | People & Strategy Chief | Product Manager & Owner


  • Laura Chuck

    Head of HR


  • Conor Donoghue

    Director, Talent Acquisition

    Zip Co

  • Jennie Rogerson

    Global Head of People


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